Backbone Blues Band


Backbone Blues Band

SUNDAY 19th JULY – 5.20pm

One of the best kept secrets in the UK. Backbone Blues Band are a rarity; they are better known in the USA than in the Thames Valley,from where most of them hail.

With their 5th annual tour of the States completed in October 2014, the band are looking forward this year to this years annual visit and a summer in England where they’re set to play numerous festivals and club gigs. They’ve played from Beale to Bourbon every year, including the world famous King Biscuit Blues Festival in Helena, the Balcony Music Club and Bamboulas in New Orleans, Phil Bradys in Baton Rouge and Ground Zero Blues Club, where last year they had an entire Sunday dedicated to them under the billing. The Big British Blues Brunch. They fold all that experience into their performances back her in the UK.

Their first album Made in Britain was released in 2013, (available on iTunes) sold well in America and was promoted live on the famous Sonny Paynes radio show, King Biscuit Time. More of a privilege than a promotional stunt. “Sonnys a genuine hero of the blues quoted Duncan Highet, the bands bass player & singer. Their new album Which Way To The Blues is launched in June this year and promises to deliver more of the style and class of the first for which they are fast becoming known.

Influenced by the old blues men and inspired by the new,their music is threaded with soul and rock, with just a touch of country, that delivers a style thats both great to get up and dance to, or perfect to just sit back and Let the blues heal ya


Nik Barrell


SATURDAY 18th JULY – 2.50pm

Nik has written, performed and recorded all around the world for the last decade. He plays in a lot of different styles, but his roots are in Blues, Folk and Jazz. He will be promoting an album written and recorded on the road over the last three years as he busked his way around the world!

NIK BARRELL on Youtube




SATURDAY 18th JULY – 5.30pm

The self confessed ‘Purveyors of fine White Boy Blues’ may have been said tongue in cheek, but they’ve certainly soaked it all up. Playing material from artists such as Freddie King, Elmore James and Mose Allison, they’ll hopefully get you moving and bring you out of the blues rather than give you them! Designed not to make your ears bleed.

BARRELHOUSE Facebook site

Beard of Destiny


SATURDAY 18th JULY – 6.50pm

These boys will be rocking out to songs about dogs, cats, budgerigars and, of course, beards




SATURDAY 18th JULY – 4.10pm

The set list consists of all original music, written in the last two years. The music being likened to a mixture of ‘Fairport convention’ and the ‘Clash’

It is obvious that Bewarethisboy love to play live – their sets are full of energy and commitment. A promoter recently concluding: ‘It is great to see a band that is truly original and that really means it!’


Debbie Bond


SATURDAY 18th JULY – 9.30pm

Singer, guitar player and songwriter Debbie Bond has been paying her dues in the Alabama backwoods for over 30 years. Her singing has been compared to Bonnie Raitt and Maria Muldaur, both of whom she cites as being influences on her music. The truth is that Debbie does it her way, playing a dynamic mix of house-rockin’ covers and searing originals. Her impressive musical story includes years of performing with older traditional Alabama blues musicians, including Johnny Shines, Eddie Kirkland and Willie King. Her immersion in the blues has deeply flavored her guitar playing, soulful voice and original song writing, yet her sound is contemporary and original, incorporating soul, blues, rock, jazz and even country influences. This unique musical synthesis can be heard on her latest album, That Thing Called Love.
She was the co-founder and executive director of the award-winning Alabama Blues Project, an educational non-profit devoted to preserving and promoting Alabama’s rich blues heritage



SUNDAY 19th JULY – 4pm

CRAYFISH are an Oxford based band of regular gigging musicians, who get together when time allows to do the occasional gigs. Their set consists entirely of their renditions of other people’s music, taking in a wide range of influences that represent the bands vast knowledge of contemporary music.
The lineup is: John Keston-Hole – vocals & guitar, Baxter Curry – guitar, Graham Quelch – harmonica’s, Chris Cox – double bass & vocals, Nick Clack – drums

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Matt Edwards Band

Matt Edwards Band

FRIDAY 17th JULY – 7.20pm

Matt Edwards is a blues guitarist/vocalist from the south of England. Matt started out in music at age 11 as a drummer and stayed with the drums for the next 5 years seriously but was always playing around with the guitar in the background. Eventually Matt ended up singing in a local rock band and using the guitar purely as a writing tool. The love of the instrument grew into obsession, after fronting a few rock bands through his twenties Matt found his way back to blues, the music he was brought up on and his first love. In 2011 Matt decided to make a debut solo album on his own, writing and performing all of the music and vocals on the record, a project which took him back to where it all began, as Matt plays all of the instruments on the album, this saw him back behind a drum kit for the first time in 10 years. His sound is personal and original because of the way the album was made and Matt’s approach to music but mostly because the music is blues.



SUNDAY 19th JULY – 1.20pm

Sam Kelly's Band


FRIDAY 17th JULY – 10pm

SAM KELLY’S BAND has been featuring on the U.K. live music circuit for many years. SAM KELLY (included in Blues in Britain magazine’s “Gallery of Greats”) leads from the drum-seat, selecting his Band from a wealth of fantastic musicians and tailoring the overall sound to suit the event booking.

For Thamesfest, Sam will be joined by GILES HEDLEY on Guitar/Harmonica/Lapsteel Guitar & Lead Vocals and ANDY HODGE on Bass and Backing Vocals




FRIDAY 17th JULY – 8.40pm


Chris Cox (vocals, acoustic guitar & mandolin)
John Keston Hole (vocals, electric guitar)
Chas Maguire (electric bass & stick bass, vocals)
Nick Clack (drums)

THE MISSING PERSIANS started out with the intention of playing Tex-Mex, but very quickly developed in a totally different direction, helped enormously by the songwriting talents of Chris, who very quickly saw the band as a vehicle for those talents. The band has built up a setlist consisting mainly of original material, with just a handful of other performers numbers. They are a band not to be missed, having already developed their own unique style


Rebel Station

Rebel Station Logo

SATURDAY 18th JULY – 1.30pm

Rebel Station are a punk rock n roll band based in Swindon and Gloucester. They bring together ex-members of Leicester punks “First Wave” and Swindon pop-punks “The Small Things”. Their original songs show influences by such bands as The Ramones, Eddie and the Hotrods,  UK Subs, 999, Buzzcocks and The Anti Nowhere league, while their lyrics make an often humourous comment on today’s society.

REBEL STATION Facebook site

The Sedatives


SATURDAY 18th JULY – 12 noon

The Sedatives are an Oxfordshire based duo, comprising Merlin Mandrax (guitar/vocals) and Mogadon Jackson (lead guitar). They play familiar music from past decades!!

No website



SATURDAY 18th JULY – 8.10pm

Hi energy guitar driven Blues / Rock in the classic tradition. Played by musicians who were there in the 60’s and 70’s and even remember some of it.




SUNDAY 19th JULY – 2.40pm

Tape-iT is a Dutch band playing original music based on 70’s British and American pop and rock. The singer/songwriter approach of the lead singer blends nicely with the bluesy band and the brass section. Songs you’ve never heard, but you think you might have. The band has been together for 5 years and performed regularly in the South West Netherlands. They have released two albums on their own label and are currently working on a third

Tape-iT website

Twizz Twangle


SUNDAY 19th JULY – 12 noon

Oxfordshire’s own musical maverick, the one and only TWIZZ TWANGLE

This is an act not to be missed! – with special guests!!